A software solutions company based on the NRTH Coast.

What we do


Our consulting services are focused around the design, implementation and management of software solutions.


We build business critical web applications, corporate Intranets, Responsive and multi-platform solutions.


Apps do not only offer functionality on mobile phones, they provide an opportunity to become a part of your users lives.


Integration allows collabortaion with your partners, increased efficiency, reduced errors and quicker ROI.

How we do it

This is a repetitive and empirical process which constantly improves the end result.


In order for us to deliver what a client needs, we need to truly understand their business, how they operate and what makes them unique.


The core of what we do. We create solutions for ourselves and for clients, whether for mobile or web, or simply the design and POC, our commitment and quality are the same.


We constantly engage with our clients to get feedback on what we've completed, and if any processes have changed which affect what we still need to do.


With solution delivery, the business is introducing a new entity into their environment. We facilitate and support this introduction to ensure successful delivery.

some of our projects

Smart Axis

Smart Axis is a real-time logging and forward process control system. Loggers and SCADA systems feed data into a Neural Network supported process control solution.

Call Wall

Call Wall is a real time wallboard and business metric display application. Used primarily by call center's to display key statistical information pertaining to groups and agents.

Lease Management

This application, developed for one of our longest standing customers, The SPAR Group, is used to manage the Leases, Renewals, Sureties and reporting of store properties.

We chose to mention these projects to show our versatility and depth in developing not just products, but concepts and solutions.

Geek Speak

There are many aspects that contribute to designing, developing and delivering successful software. Below are the key methodologies and frameworks we use;


"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." - Darwin


"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all." - Peter F. Drucker


"We don't need an accurate document, we need a shared understanding." - Jeff Patton.


"The problem with quick and dirty, is that the dirty remains long after the quick has been forgotten." - Steve C. McConnell

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